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Feeling Young and In Love offers a new and very useful
perspective on the complex hormonal nature of mankind.
 Our health, longevity, happiness and social
consciousness are much more controlled by our
hormonal balances, and imbalances, than you have
probably ever imagined.    Mr Ford's book teaches about
how to use low-cost non-prescription, over-the-counter
nutritional and hormonal supplements to optimize
hormonal balance, health and longevity.  What is most
important about
Feeling young and In Love, however, is
not the preventions and cures for physical diseases that
it is filled with.  It is that in the process of protecting and
improving physical health those preventions and cures
also prevent and cure most of the psychological
diseases and spiritual weaknesses that are undermining
our abilities to be free, to be happy, to enjoy love, and to
be loving.  

Americans are increasingly unable to fall and stay in love
with their mates.  American families are currently falling
apart form divorce and/or abandonment at the highest
rates in our history.     A larger proportion of adult
Americans  have never been married, are now divorced,
or are otherwise living separated or single than ever
before in our history.   The "love generation", the high
marriage rate, and the high birthrate of the 1960's are
now long gone.  As a society we are now so hormonally
unbalanced that life-long love and marriage are
becoming increasingly rare, and even short-term
accidental love is no longer so common or so long
lasting.  First marriages, when they still occur, now on
average occur about a decade later than they did in the
1960's, and are usually more the result of a rational
bargaining process, than they are the result of
accidentally actually falling deeply, uncontrollably and
permanently in-love.  The proportion of our children
growing up unsupported by, and/or estranged from, their
fathers is also at an all time high.

The Basic Program from Feeling  Young and In Love  
looks into the hormonal dynamics that cause such
problems, and teaches how to prevent than and also
postpone the development of most physical illnesses by
avoiding junk foods, and by taking small daily doses of
some low-cost, over-the-counter hormonal and
nutritional supplements.  The background information in
the larger book then moves on to explain how following
The Basic Program can also help readers to feel, and
spontaneously act, younger, more in-love, and more
loving.  Time is of the essence in all of this, however.  
Just as it is easier to prevent physical illnesses, than it is
to cure them, it is also much easier to enable more
sentimental and romantic feelings and thereby prevent
the estrangements and destructions of our personal lives
and families, than it is to try to repair our huge epidemic
of personal, family and social catastrophes caused by
unloving attitudes and actions.   

According to Mr. Ford, the mass failures of our ability to
fall and stay in-love that we are witnessing, and
personally experiencing, these days can be largely
prevented, and to some extent cured, with about one
cent's worth, per person, per day, of a single nutritional
supplement.  The same supplement can also help to
long postpone the development of most of the most
common degenerative diseases that older Americans
these days develop, suffer from, and are killed by.  

This single, common, low-cost supplement works much
better as a preventive measure that speeds and
normalizes metabolism, and thereby re-balances
hormone levels and protects health, than it works to
repair the body and the mind after the metabolism has
declined, the health is failing, and/or the attitude has
soured.  Since health and happiness are more important
than money, Mr. Ford has made "
The Basic Program"
section from
Feeling Young and In Love available here,
in the PDF format, for free download.  Click on the "free
download" button above to download your free copy.  It
contains all of the information you are likely need to
implement Mr Ford's low-cost, disease preventing, and
happiness enhancing program.             
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